Mi no tin palabra / No words available

Solo exhibition

Presented at Centro di Actividad Rancho, Oranjestad, Aruba, 2021

The concept I’m presenting is titled “Mi No Tin Palabra” / No Words Available”. Even before COVID-19th since March 2020, when it all started, all the museums on the island of Aruba were closed. Now more than a year, are still closed. It became obvious that there is a lack of interest to start the process of what is the new trend now called the “Creative Industries”. Furthermore, reference must be made to a very limited connection between the artists and the community, which from my point of view may also explain the inconsistency and lack of the visual arts subsystem in Aruba. Starting with the highest organ on the island who has no interest and no affiliation, whatsoever, to do some work on this very important matter.

There is still a huge gap between the artists, the public and their living environment as we can see. It’s always a small hand of people; artists, family, friends, art-lovers, and the younger generation who are always present, supportive and curious of the contemporary arts community on the island.
In my opinion, there is also a need for the social distress to be addressed properly and more seriously within the context of each “problem” starting with its own creative (constructive) solution. And so, it is necessary for art to take a deep critical look on the importance of the value of the anthropological distortion and the creative-social impact thereof.


It stimulates action which makes room for experiment, a new perspective which creates new opportunities to strengthen relationships between art and culture, but also entrepreneurship, dissemination, based on the long- term relationship between the creators and their space. To ensure a better common understanding of the meaning, importance and value of this expressiveness and its artistic language that crosses many barriers within the cultural, historical, geographical and anthropological background of the “Dutch Caribbean” heritage and it’s Diaspora. This can also provide significantly greater benefits, by evolving the public. Creating a more positive view into the direction of the educational, comprehensive – intellectual space / and a healthier environment, not leaving out, more opportunities in the field of the visual arts on the island of Aruba and it’s spectrum.